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Ideal Mission School aims at an education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded, potential of the individual is identified, skill is developed and power of judgment is enhanced. It is the mission and vision of the school to nature the mind of the growing children to become intellectually competent, morally upright, emotionally restrained, culturally revitalized, spiritually mature, socially integrated, physically healthy and psychologically balanced. The school will be a, powerful medium to promote values, tolerance, harmonious community living and cheerful outlook of life.


Highly professional and Motivated teachers take care of the  children and encourage initiattivences. Creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and leadership qualities.

A Well advanced Science Laboratory & the Library help students to develop good understanding. Interested and confidence towards the liberty of learning.

The well equipped Computer Lab along with Active Digital Board provide perfect ambience of E- Learning and digital learning facilities. Language Lab also enhances teaching through audio visual aids.

Co-curricular activities impart training to students for their personality development as well as development of skill and talents.

The school provides a big play ground and beautiful garden for children of lower classes and better mental and physical development.

Fee Structure

                                                                        For Session 2024-2025

Admission Fee (During admission only)                      Rs. 12000 ( for Play-Group to STD-V)

                                                                                          Rs. 14000 ( for STD-VI to VIII)

                                                                                          Rs. 17000 ( for STD-IX)

                                                                                          Rs. 17000 for STD-XI (Own Students )

                                                                                          Rs.  21000 for STD-XI (Other School Students )


Term Fee ( Once in a year)                                                 Rs. 1500

Development Fee   ( Once in a year)                                  Rs. 2500


Annual Session Charge  :                                               

                                                     Play-Group to U.K.G :          Rs. 5000

                                                     STD-I to STD-V         :          Rs.4500

                                                     STD-VI to STD-VIII   :           Rs.5500

                                                     STD-IX to STD-XII   :            Rs.6000

Monthly Tution Fee:

Play Group to U.K.G.                                                                Rs. 1150

Std. I – Std. III                                                                           Rs. 1200

Std. IV – Std V                                                                           Rs 1250

Std. VI                                                                                       Rs. 1300

Std. VII                                                                                     Rs. 1350

Std VIII                                                                                     Rs. 1450

Std  IX                                                                                     Rs.1600

Std X                                                                                      Rs. 1700

Std XI & XII                                                                            Rs. 2200

Std XI & XII                                                                            Rs. 300 (Laboratory Fee for Science)

Std XI & XII                                                                           Rs. 200 (Computer Fee)

Std XI & XII (Caution money Refundable)                            Rs.2000 ( for science students)

Fee may change with the passage of time and market condition. Monthly tution fee to be paid by the tenth day of the current month. Defaulters will be charged a fine after the tenth day for late payment. Two month’s fee to be deposited at a time preceding ‘Puja Vacation’ and ‘Summer Vacation’.


a)      The school expects its students to have 100% attendance unless constrained by illness or unavoidable / unforeseen circumstances.

b)      Granting leaves of absence is the prerogative of the Headmistress.

c)      Irregular attendance. Unexplained absenteeism may lead to ter4mination of studentship in the school.    


To become the Principal of a growing school like Ideal Mission School is a great joy; it is a great responsibility which I enjoy to shoulder with my dedicated mind and attitude. The school conducts courses from playgroup to STD X.We have excellent approach in the area of teaching with the perspective of making the students the future responsible citizens of the country.


Classes are very regularly held. Teachers are very committed. The parents and guardians are very cooperative and available for discussion on any issue of imparting education; the grievances are sorted out and attended.  Teachers analyse and evaluate themselves for upgradation of teaching skills and methodology. Periodical meetings with the teachers are held with the objective of analysing the lesson plans, their progress keeping in mind the syllabus, status of teaching comprising of students’ feedback and scope of further improvement. Periodical review of performance is made by the School Management Committee; corrective measures are suggested for betterment.


Teaching  is not only class room oriented but also comprises of various extracurricular activities having social values for mental and psychological orientation from very childhood so as to get the students abreast with the happenings of real world . A host of cultural activities, games and sports, literacy programmes, debates, recitation, Extempore speech, dance, music, paintings, embroidery works, organising & managing exhibitions are the key areas of exposure for the overall development of the students. All these together form the basis of skill development to make the education purposeful and result oriented.

We expect patronage and support from parents and guardians.